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A. J. Cronin

Cronin in 1944 Archibald Joseph Cronin (19 July 1896 – 6 January 1981) was a Scottish physician and novelist. His best-known novel ''The Citadel'' (1937) tells of a Scottish doctor in a Welsh mining village, who shoots up the career ladder in London. Cronin had seen the venues as a medical inspector of mines and later as a doctor in Harley Street. The book promoted still controversial ideas on medical ethics and helped to inspire the National Health Service. Another popular mining novel of his, set in the North East of England, is ''The Stars Look Down''. Both have been filmed, as have ''Hatter's Castle'', ''The Keys of the Kingdom'' and ''The Green Years''. His novella ''Country Doctor'' became a long-running BBC radio and TV series, ''Dr. Finlay's Casebook'', revived many years later. Provided by Wikipedia